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Solarmine Viewer - Professional Monitoring and Presentation of Solar Power Stations
An easy to use mobile access tool providing an online-portal for monitoring, organizing and a presentation of soalr power station data is now available as a free android App, for both pad and phone. No matter what size your system might be: Solarmine Viewer gives you access to your solar power station from your mobile phone.
Solar Power Station Selection
Existing user data is used for accessing the solar power stations, no matter where you are. A demo dummy account is available in case you want to see for yourself how the online station monitoring works and in case you do not have any account yet. After login, you can select one of solar power plants to view the each station yield data and other useful information.
Energy and Power
How high was the energy yield today or in the last month? Accessing yield data is now easier than ever. And the android pad/phone makes the usage intuitive and easy to learn.
Running Status for Ensuring Yields
You can view the operational status of the solar power station and the error messages generated by each inverter if an error occurrs. This enables you to be well-informed wherever you are located.
For example: where the station has indicated a blackout you can contact the plant operator instantly via telephone. You can then verify if this is temporary aberration or if you need to organize service personnel to investigate the situation at the site. Or you can easily email to Solarmine service centre or make a phone call.
Station Description
All important data is visible at a single glance. The station can be easily accessible any location. And the locations of any solar power stations are displayed on a map. It is an easy to use and useful tool to explain and illustrate your solar power station to your friends,business acquaintances and colleagues.
Where to get it
If you are using a laptop, click the left one of the two image links to android app in google play. If you are using an android pad or phone, just search ‘Solarmine’ in google play app and you will find it. It is entirely free. Please download and install it, and enjoy a satisfying and useful journey.

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